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Cells - Components for Rails

Cells are view components for Rails. They are mini-controllers with their own MVC stack, can invoke logic and render views. They bring back OOP to Rails' view layer and make writing reusable portlets for your applications fun.

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Shopping cart illustration fat

You need something like a shopping cart, which appears on almost every page of your app.

You wouldn't use a partial and a helper, would you?


$ rails g cell ShoppingCart display
  create  app/cells/
  create  app/cells/shopping_cart
  create  app/cells/shopping_cart_cell.rb
  create  app/cells/shopping_cart/display.html.erb

The generator provides you with all the files you need.


File: app/cells/shopping_cart_cell.rb

class ShoppingCartCell < Cell::Base 
  def display(opts)
    @orders     = opts[:orders]

Implement the cell state.


File: app/cells/shopping_cart/display.html.erb

<div id="cart">
  You have <%= @orders.size %> in your shopping cart. 

Setup a view for the cell state, as you know it from controller actions.

Plug in!

File: app/views/layouts/application.html.erb

<h1>Good buy!</h1>

<div id="sidebar">
  <%= render_cell :shopping_cart, :display, 
    :orders => @orders %>

Render the cell in your views, or even in actions.

Of course, there is more. Cells can contain cells. Cells can do caching. Cells can be interactive. See more in our examples .